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Join us on a 2 hour tour on the Great Calusa Blueway leaving from Bowditch Point Park at the north end of Fort Myers Beach.  You will see many of the 300 species of birds that are in the area, learn some history of our natives, the Calusa, that lived here for 1000's of years, learn about the ecology of the estuary you will be in and get to know some of the critters that live on the bottom of the estuary.

Great Calusa Blueway / Package Tour - 5 days of traveling  in one of the most enticing kayaking territories  in the U.S. Includes all equipment, naturalist guide, 6 nights in hotels, meals and all ancillary transportation.  

Paddle the Great Calusa Blueway
It's early morning.You're paddling from the mangrove-tunnel of a narrow waterway into a quiet bay dotted with tiny island forests and seagrass meadows where live shells are criss-crossing to feed. In a daydream state, your kayak becomes an ancient Calusa dugout canoe...and you a Calusa Indian.You're traveling to an island you helped build with the discards of many years of shellfish meals ---- an enormous shell midden. From atop the tall mound you spy a dolphin surfacing for air--an osprey scouting the waters for its next fish. How can one part of North America -- one part of Florida -- be such a part of the human-built environment, within earshot of modern living, and yet with a few strokes of the paddle one can escape from the hustle and bustle to a place of solitude where your company is manatee, sea turtles, rays and a Peterson field guide of wading birds. Six days of unmatched nature-based experiences and historical interpretations. Six days of Charles Kuralt "Sunday Morning" closings. Got your rooms, paddlecraft and meals covered. If you wish, bring your own kayak or canoe. See an award-winning site for more about your next
experience-based escape.



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